Wight Company

This project in Darien, Illinois is the corporate office for Wight Construction and Wight Design Company. Since this an architectural firm, many unique design features were utilized - most notable are the canted hexagon columns at the north and south elevations. These columns are attached to a steel frame and cant forward at a 15 degree angle providing a very unique aesthetic. In addition to this feature the large precast blade at the main entrance with canopies provides a prominent entry feature.

This project also included a trash enclosure and feature monument sign. The majority of the panels are structural load bearing insulated panels. The interior face of precast is left exposed to the office areas. The panels are white cement, tint, and light abrasive with sporadic heavy reveal patterns. The project was constructed directly for Wight Construction and designed by Wight Company. This building is very similar to the Academy of Sleep Medicine also constructed by Wight Construction and designed by Wight Company click here.