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We were very impressed by your field crews' production and commitment to quality!
From Carie Carney of FCL Builders
These guys are safety conscious, think ahead and are doing a tremendous job for The Missner Group. I look forward to working with ATMI in the future again. Keep up the good work!
From Mike Sneddon of The Missner Group

The building looks great and Concordia is very happy with the quality of the precast including the local neighborhood that (initially) had some concerns.

From Stan Zygowicz of Ragnar Benson Construction

"When your guys were on site they pushed like crazy for safe installation and high production rates for install. Most importantly, no safety issues! Great job! Thank you for the push on erection and getting this job set out. Looking forward to working on the next one together."

From Trevor Ryor of Clayco, Inc.

"Thank you for the incredible hospitality you showed our staff. It was a great experience, especially for our new staff. It was also a pleasure seeing such a clean and well run plant. I’ve been to more than three dozen of our members’ plants across the country and ATMI’s operations are among the best I’ve seen."

From Bob Risser of PCI

"Your crew did a great job erecting the precast here at 3400 Wolf Road in Franklin Park. I appreciate their work ethic and their willingness to stick it out weather-wise. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Too often these days good work goes unnoticed. Please understand it did not here. I look forward to working with you guys again."

From Daniel Hughes of Alston Construction
"You guys do such an amazing job! You are one of the reasons ATMI is known through the country for such a fantastic product, that companies are willing to wait months to get your product and service. We always want things bigger, better, faster, and when we actually achieve it we don't take time to celebrate it when we do it. So, take time this weekend to celebrate your achievements that you have helped create at ATMI!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWSOME!!!!"
From Jerry Wenzel of Clayco, Inc.
"As you have completed the placement portion of the precast erection as of yesterday, I wanted to pass on to you George’s comments to you and add some of my own as well.I know this was a challenging design, fabrication, and erection sequence for you to accomplish. You have done a fantastic job and we do appreciate very much all the effort that goes in to that achievement. You have done exceptional design work and safely erected a very large building in a very small space with many obstacles to overcome. Thank you to you and the entire ATMI, PEC, and Waubonsee team for the effort and positive attitude in working on this project."
From Scott Murnick of Leopardo Construction
"I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and your staff for taking the time yesterday to give us a tour of your facility and walk us through your Quality Control process. Your expertise and professionalism is clearly expressed in both your facility itself and your knowledgeable staff. To possess state of the art equipment is impressive in itself, but the pride in ownership is evident in the way that your entire team conducts it's day to day operations. On behalf of the Client, and the Quality Assurance Team, thank you advance for your diligence to quality and providing us with the confidence that product delivered will meet and/or exceed expectations."
From Michelle Beecher of S.T.A.T.E. Testing, LLC - CDA/O'Hare Modernization Program
"In our industry it’s not often that we receive or pass along complements; at least not nearly as often as they’re probably due. However, we had our bi-monthly OAC Meeting this past Tuesday onsite, which included the Developer, Lender Rep, Architect, and Structural Engineer. Following the meeting the Developer specifically mentioned how well and professionally the precast parking garage was constructed, and asked that we pass a “kudos” along to our precaster. I know it’s not much, but it’s nice to hear sometimes. By the way, I concur with the Developer statement, and thank you for a job well done."
From James Robinson of McShane Construction Company