Who We Service

ATMI provides precast concrete building products and services to our customers throughout the Midwest. We serve partners in project design and all those who oversee construction for commercial, institutional or public building sites.


More often than not, this is the “end user” of the project. We rely on their input and feedback in the design process to assist the architect in getting a project that will be functional for their needs as well as aesthetically pleasing.


In this market, the purpose of the building is a key factor. Whether the project is “BTS” (Build to Suit) or a speculative building, different needs apply to the design and the ability to market the building after construction. Our flexibility in design allows us to help the project team maximize the marketability of each project. We have on numerous projects worked directly for the developer/owner to provide shop drawings for permit submittal.


ATMI Precast continues to assist the architectural community with design assistance to promote the best-suited building material for each project. The architectural community relies on ATMI Precast to provide input early on in project development, and often this requires input from just architectural renderings.


As a trusted resource in the structural engineering community, ATMI Precast is able to provide input and details complete with load forces to assist early in the preliminary design. We rely on continuous feedback for all structures and challenges being imposed by each municipality and differing design codes.


Most often we are contracted direct with the general contractor for each project. The GC is the vast majority of our customers. ATMI Precast is proud of its longstanding relationships with a repeat customer base, and we believe that we have earned these relationships through years of performance and service—and we always welcome new customers.