Mariano’s 3030 Broadway

This 5-level, all precast structure is located in Chicago, Illinois, was constructed in 2016 and consists of retail and parking space. The first, second and fifth levels consist of retail space with a health club on the fifth level containing a swimming pool which  presents an engineering challenge.

The third and fourth levels are parking decks which are accessed by a ramping scheme that transfers cars to the third level via an exterior ramp system. This project was on a very tight site which included specific challenges in dealing with fiber optic lines and existing power lines for adjacent businesses and residents. The final phase of the precast building construction was erected from Broadway Avenue.

The project consists load-bearing exterior walls, interior demising walls, elevator shafts , stair towers with precast stairs, precast concrete columns/beams, load bearing spandrels, double TT's, hollowcore plank, and solid precast concrete wall panels. We worked with Leopardo Companies and the designer was Antunovich and Associates on this project. Waubonsee Development erected this project in approximately 90 working days.