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Did you know that concrete consists of five (5) components? These include cementitious material, large aggregate, small aggregate, water, and admixtures. 

At ATMI Precast, we use multiple different cements, aggregates, and admixtures to produce concrete that benefits the safety, quality, and cost of our product that is outlined below.

Cementitious Materials:

  • Type IL Cement
    • Blended cement that contains 5% - 15% limestone
    • Reduces the carbon footprint
    • More cost effective
  • Type III Cement
    • Ground finer than Type I
    • Achieves high early concrete strength
  • Slag
    • Improves workability
    • Easier to finish
    • Higher long-term compressive strength
  • White Cement
    • Used for architectural finishes



  • 3/4" Limestone
    • Typical large aggregate
  • 3/8" Limestone
    • Large aggregate used for architectural mixes 
    • Used to increase flowability with a self-consolidating concrete
  • Mason Sand
    • Small aggregate
    • Finer ground sand used for architectural mixes
  • Torpedo Sand
    • Small aggregate
    • Typical sand used for both structural and architectural mixes
  • Screenings Sand
    • Small aggregate
    • Crushed limestone used for architectural mixes



  • Superplasticizer or High Range Water Reducer
    • Simulates water in the mix to reduce the amount of water needed
    • Less water = higher concrete strength
  • Viscosity Modifier
    • Prevents the mix from segregating
    • Suspends the aggregate in the concrete matrix
  • Entrained Air
    • Adds micro air pockets to the mix to combat the freeze thaw in the Midwest region
  • Retarder
    • Slows down the initial set of the concrete to allow for longer workability
Concrete Knowledge