ATMI Precast to Earn PCI Architectural Certification

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In the construction industry precast concrete has a well-known reputation as a structurally-sound and extremely durable material, but that’s not all precast concrete offers. For decades, architects and designers have purposefully selected precast concrete for its beauty as well. And because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the possibility of any shape, style, color, and texture building with precast concrete offers is very attractive.

It’s in this vein that ATMI Precast is excited to announce we are on track to receive the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Architectural Certification in October of this year.  

What is the PCI Architectural Certification Program?

The PCI Architectural Certification Program is the first of its kind. This new and improved certification criteria differentiates PCI producers in the marketplace and more accurately categorizes products in better alignment with the markets we serve. The program now includes four new categories of certification: AA, AB, AC, and AD and continues to include AT requirements. This five-category platform enables architects and other industry specifiers to define a category of certification that aligns with their project finish requirements such as tolerance, finish-type, and level of architectural complexity.

ATMI Precast will be certified in the AC category. This category covers the certification of plants producing products with architectural finishes like cladding and wall panels with plant-applied finishes like brick veneers and form liners. To ensure production capability for the types of products covered within this category, plant requirements for different cement types and colored mixtures are being implemented.

As part of the certification process, ATMI Precast was required to manufacture three mockup panels to demonstrate our ability to meet the specific category criteria for color consistency, finish quality, and forming capabilities.

Combined with our PCI-plant certification, our new architectural certification further provides architects, designers, and owners the peace of mind they need to know that the precast concrete products they are using are of the highest quality.

What Are the AC Category Requirements?

In order to earn PCI Architectural Certification in the AC category, ATMI Precast had to prove it could meet certain criteria.

AC category requirements include:

  • Manufacture one colored mixture and texture per panel
  • Manufacture thin brick
  • Produce flat panels
  • Produce flat panels with single-pour returns
  • Create 3-D form surface (reveals and liners)
  • Undergo key feature evaluation during plant audit cycle
  • Undergo two plant audits per year
  • MNL 135 (current MNL 117)
  • MNL 135 erection tolerances (current MNL 117 with modification for maximum jog)
  • PCI-certified erector

PCI precast concrete producers, like ATMI Precast, are embracing technology and applying it to the plant-cast concrete delivery system. Classifying PCI precast concrete producers based on our demonstrated capabilities to produce products of varying complexity shows our industry’s commitment to improve and collaborate.

What Does this Certification Mean for ATMI Precast Customers?

By definition, a certification represents third-party validation. Anybody can say they are the best at what they do, and they manufacture the highest-quality products. But a certification means the plant is taking great lengths to prove those claims.

From production to installation and completion, ATMI Precast’s PCI Plant Certification along with this new PCI Architectural Certification provides our partners and customers the confidence they require to work with us on current and future projects. 

Planning your next project? Contact us today. We’d love to work with you.

ATMI Precast to Earn PCI Architectural Certification
ATMI Precast to Earn PCI Architectural Certification
ATMI Precast to Earn PCI Architectural Certification
ATMI Precast to Earn PCI Architectural Certification