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Why Precast Concrete


ATMI Precast is able to provide or source a complete selection of building components for the markets that it services. From total precast buildings, parking decks to warehouses. Both Architectural and Structural products.

Precast Building Systems

The following Precast components can be combined to build a complete core and shell of the structure.


A horizontal structural member, typically spanning between columns, to support floor components such as double tees or hollowcore plank.


A vertical structural member, typically supporting beams, spandrels or walls.

Double Tees

A higher load carrying, longer span floor member.

Hollowcore Slabs

A shorter span floor member.


A horizontal member, used to span between columns and support floor components.

Shear Walls

A solid vertical wall panel specifically designed to resist shear loading.

Lite Walls

Lite walls are a shear wall with openings to allow light transfer.


Typically used to provide floor to floor access.

Architectural wall panels

A wall panel or spandrel with a colored or textured finish.

Insulated Wall Panels

Constructed with a layer of insulation between two withes of concrete, providing a higher R value and energy efficiency.

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