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The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced that it is launching a national emphasis program focused on heat-related illnesses and injuries. Under the National Emphasis Program (NEP), OSHA aims to eliminate or reduce worker exposures to occupational heat-related illnesses and injuries in general industry, construction, maritime and agriculture industries. This new initiative is now an OSHA standard, and it is meant to enforce prevention. OSHA will focus on heat hazards through the NEP, which will be the employer's responsibility to provide policies and procedures for OSHA's targeted enforcement efforts to protect employees.

As part of the program, OSHA said it will proactively initiate inspections in indoor and outdoor work settings when the National Weather Service issues a heat warning or advisory for a local area. Furthermore, on days when the heat index is 80 degrees or higher, OSHA inspectors and compliance specialists will engage in outreach and technical assistance to keep workers safe. This new program allows an inspector to stop at any worksite, indoor or outdoor, whenever the temperature is above 80 degrees outside.

Companies will need to ensure they have current Heat Safety and Prevention policies. A Health Prevention Plan is a proactive process to help employers find and fix workplace hazards before workers are hurt. Eliminating workplace hazards enables employees to stay invested in their work and do their best. Safety is the most important aspect of your company's plan for the future.

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Heat Prevention