Metro 19 Apartments Parking Deck

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Metro 19 Residential Complex is located in Roselle, Illinois. It consists of new residential housing units with an attached parking garage. The garage is exposed on the east, south, and north elevations with the other elevations fully surrounded by residential housing units.

The precast parking garage is a four (4) level elevated structure complete with an interior detention vault with a precast lid. The garage contains one hundred and forty-one (141) parking stalls for the Metra patrons, and three hundred and seventy-six (376) parking stalls for the residential patrons. The Metra patrons' parking spaces are located on the first and second levels with gated access, and the remaining residential stalls are located on the upper levels with gated access.

The garage is a two (2) bay structure complete with all precast components such as columns, beams, shaft walls, interior demising walls between residential units, double TT's, and solid slabs.

The exposed precast is an architectural finish consisting of white cement, tint, and two (2) different depths of abrasive blast for contrast. 

The project was erected in the Spring of 2022 and is scheduled for completion in Summer 2023.

Waubonsee Development erected this project in approximately thirty-five (35) days plus field activities.

The project is being developed by Avgeris Development, designed by BSB and Walker Parking Consultants, and the General Contractor is Carlson Brothers.

Metro 19
Metro 19
Metro 19
Metro 19