Chicago's Largest Industrial Facility Completions

Chicago's Largest Industrial Facility Completions 2021

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The industrial market in Chicago area has been on a hot streak in the last couple of years, but there's always the debate about whether the midwestern metropolis' market is the best place to invest and grow. Time and time again, reports reveal the reality which is that big real estate investment is happening right now.

Just to put this in perspective, of the ten (10) largest industrial construction completions across the nation, three (3) of the projects were in the Chicago area, a report from CommercialEdge shows. ATMI Precast is proud to say that they were the precast concrete provider on all three (3) of these projects. The largest of the three (3)  is a sprawling 1.445 million square-foot facility in Grayslake to serve as a new distribution center for Medline. After that was the 1.326 million square-foot Exchange 55 project developed by Hilco in Chicago. And then there's also the Chicago West Business Park in DeKalb which spans 1.222 million square feet. 

These three (3) deliveries alone account for nearly four (4) million square feet of new industrial space for the region just in the first half of this year. And there's still so much more on the way! There are at least another seven (7) projects underway in the Chicago area at or greater than one (1) million square feet. 

It's perhaps no surprise as the logistics industry is currently witnessing a once-in-a-generation boom. The expansion and evolution of distribution and supply chain has created huge opportunities for developers, and investors continue to jump into the increasingly competitive field to get a piece of the pie. 

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