ATMI Precast Donates to Marklund Hyde Center


Who has ever wanted to see their boss in a dunk tank? ATMI Precast plant employees had the chance to dunk the management as part of a celebration lunch in mid-June. The purpose of the lunch was to recognize manufacturing plant employees for their top notch safety habits. ATMI Precast brought in a dunk tank for the event and put some of their managers on the hot seat! While a lot of fun, the luncheon also had another purpose - to raise money. For each successful "dunk" ATMI Precast donated $100 to the Marklund Hyde Center in Geneva, Illinois. Marklund is a nonprofit organization that serves infants, children, teens and adults with serious and profound developmental disabilities and special healthcare needs. With three residential locations--Marklund at Mill Creek in Geneva, the Marklund Philip Center in Bloomingdale, and the Marklund Wasmond Center in Elgin--it is currently home to nearly 174 clients. The ATMI Precast manufacturing plant employees dunked their managers 63 times - meaning a $6,300 donation to Marklund.

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